Jack Doheny Companies’ are totally committed to providing parts and after-sales service that our valued customers deserve. All of this is done to match the quality and reliability of the equipment we sell. We realize that having to wait for parts is frustrating and can be costly, especially when a piece of equipment is down. That’s why we have invested heavily into our ever growing inventory. Our multimillion dollar parts inventory represents our commitment to making sure we have the right part on the shelf at the right time. We have vast stocks of parts from our equipment vendors including Vactor, Guzzler, Elgin, Bronto Skylift, Industrial Vacuum, Oshkosh, Stetco, Cusco, Presvac, IBAK / RapidView, MiniCam and many other manufacturers of Sewer Cleaning, Sweeping, Vacuum Excavation, Industrial / DOT Vacuum and Inspection equipment.

We do this to support our valued customers as well as to maintain our own rental fleet of equipment, so you can be assured that we have all the parts required to perform routine maintenance, repair a breakdown, or even rebuild a unit. From pipe, hose, nozzles, and clamps up to fans, blowers and debris bodies, we stock parts other dealers would not dream of keeping on the shelf, and our after sales staff have years of experience which they use to ensure you get what you need the first time, every time.